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Summarises the prior for the hazard ratio implied by a particular prior on the log hazard ratio. Simply applies an exponential transform to quantiles of the given prior.


prior_hr(prior_loghr = p_normal(0, 2.5), quantiles = c(0.025, 0.5, 0.975))



Priors for log hazard ratios. This should be a call to p_normal() or p_t(). A list of calls can also be provided, to give different priors to different coefficients, where the name of each list component matches the name of the coefficient, e.g. list("age45-59" = p_normal(0,1), "age60+" = p_t(0,2,3))

The default is p_normal(0,2.5) for all coefficients.


Quantiles used to summarise the implied prior distributions of the simulated quantities.