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Datasets for evaluation of cetuximab in head and neck cancer, as previously analysed by Guyot et al. (2017) to demonstrate models for survival extrapolation with Bayesian evidence synthesis.






cetux contains synthetic individual-level survival data, generated (using the method of Guyot et al 2012) to be consistent with the Kaplan-Meier estimates of survival published by Bonner et al. (2006). Columns months, years, give survival in months or years since the date of diagnosis of head and neck cancer. d is a numeric vector where 0 indicates censoring, and 1 indicates death at this time. treat is a factor indicating the treatment group (Cetuximab or Control); both groups also received radiotherapy.

cetux_seer Estimates of conditional survival from registry data, matched to the Bonner trial population by age, gender, cancer site, and date of diagnosis. From the "Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results" (SEER) database. Each line gives counts of r survivors up to stop years, given n people alive at start. haz is the corresponding constant hazard estimate over this period, computed as -log(r/n). There are also 95% interval estimates for the hazard based on the data on one period at a time, derived from Bayesian principles as -log(qbeta(c(0.975, 0.025), r, n-r)).

cetux_bh Mortality rates for the population of the USA, matched by age and sex to the patients from the Bonner trial. 80% are male, and the median age is 57 (range 34 to 83). Hence the \(i\)th row is a weighted average of the male and and female mortality rates for age \(57 + i - 1\).

See Guyot et al. (2017) for more details of each of these.

An object of class data.frame with 424 rows and 4 columns.

An object of class data.frame with 21 rows and 8 columns.

An object of class data.frame with 54 rows and 2 columns.


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