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Extract estimates and confidence intervals for transition intensities (or misclassification probabilities), and their covariate effects, in a tidy matrix format with one row per transition. This is used by the print method (print.msm) for msm objects. Covariate effects are returned as hazard or odds ratios, not on the log scale.


msm.form.qoutput(x, covariates = "mean", cl = 0.95, digits = 4, ...)

msm.form.eoutput(x, covariates = "mean", cl = 0.95, digits = 4, ...)



A fitted multi-state model object, as returned by msm.


Covariate values defining the "baseline" parameters (see qmatrix.msm).


Width of the symmetric confidence interval to present. Defaults to 0.95.


Minimum number of significant digits for the formatted character matrix returned as an attribute. This is passed to format. Defaults to 4.


Other arguments to be passed to format.


A numeric matrix with one row per transition, and one column for each estimate or confidence limit. The "formatted" attribute contains the same results formatted for pretty printing. msm.form.qoutput returns the transition intensities and their covariates, and msm.form.eoutput returns the misclassification probabilities and their covariates.

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C. H. Jackson