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Extract the estimated log transition intensities and the corresponding linear effects of each covariate.


# S3 method for msm
coef(object, ...)



A fitted multi-state model object, as returned by msm.


(unused) further arguments passed to or from other methods.


If there is no misclassification, coef.msm returns a list of matrices. The first component, labelled logbaseline, is a matrix containing the estimated transition intensities on the log scale with any covariates fixed at their means in the data. Each remaining component is a matrix giving the linear effects of the labelled covariate on the matrix of log intensities.

For misclassification models, coef.msm returns a list of lists. The first component, Qmatrices, is a list of matrices as described in the previous paragraph. The additional component Ematrices is a list of similar format containing the logit-misclassification probabilities and any estimated covariate effects.

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C. H. Jackson