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Calculate the mean time from the start of the process to a final (or "absorbing") state in a mixture multi-state model. Models with cycles are not supported.


meanfinal_fmixmsm(x, newdata = NULL, final = FALSE, B = NULL)



Object returned by fmixmsm, representing a multi-state model built from piecing together mixture models fitted by flexsurvmix.


Data frame or list of covariate values. If omitted for a model with covariates, a default is used, defined by all combinations of factors if the only covariates in the model are factors, or all covariate values of zero if there are any non-factor covariates in the model.


If TRUE then the mean time to the final state is calculated for each final state, by taking a weighted average of the mean time to travel each pathway ending in that final state, weighted by the probability of the pathway. If FALSE (the default) then a separate mean is calculated for each pathway.


Number of simulations to use to compute 95% confidence intervals, based on the asymptotic multivariate normal distribution of the basic parameter estimates. If B=NULL then intervals are not computed.


A data frame of mean times to absorption, by covariate values and pathway (or by final state)