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Probability of each pathway taken through a mixture multi-state model


ppath_fmixmsm(x, newdata = NULL, final = FALSE, B = NULL)



Object returned by fmixmsm, representing a multi-state model built from piecing together mixture models fitted by flexsurvmix.


Data frame or list of covariate values. If omitted for a model with covariates, a default is used, defined by all combinations of factors if the only covariates in the model are factors, or all covariate values of zero if there are any non-factor covariates in the model.


If TRUE then the probabilities of pathways with the same final state are added together, to produce the probability of each ultimate outcome or absorbing state from the multi-state model.


Number of simulations to use to compute 95% confidence intervals, based on the asymptotic multivariate normal distribution of the basic parameter estimates. If B=NULL then intervals are not computed.


Data frame of pathway probabilities by covariate value and pathway.