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Computes both parametric and comparable Aalen-Johansen nonparametric estimates from a flexible parametric multi-state model, and returns them together in a tidy data frame. Only models with no covariates, or only factor covariates, are supported. If there are factor covariates, then the nonparametric estimates are computed for subgroups defined by combinations of the covariates. Another restriction of this function is that all transitions must have the same covariates on them.


ajfit_fmsm(x, maxt = NULL, newdata = NULL)



Object returned by fmsm representing a flexible parametric multi-state model. This must be Markov, rather than semi-Markov, and no check is performed for this. Note that all "competing risks" style models, with just one source state and multiple destination states, are Markov, so those are fine here.


Maximum time to compute parametric estimates to.


Data frame defining the subgroups to consider. This must have a column for each covariate in the model. If omitted, then all potential subgroups defined by combinations of factor covariates are included. Continuous covariates are not supported.


Tidy data frame containing both Aalen-Johansen and parametric estimates of state occupancy over time, and by subgroup if subgroups are included.