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Plot EVPPI estimates as simple dot or curve plots.


# S3 method for evppi
plot(x, type = NULL, order = FALSE, top = NULL, ...)



Object returned from evppi.


"dots" for a dot plot of the EVPPI by parameter. If x includes multiple willingness-to-pay values for the same parameter, these are shown as multiple dots.

"curves" for a plot of EVPPI against willingness-to-pay, with different parameters distinguished as different curves. This is only applicable if there are multiple willingness-to-pay values included in x.


For dot plots, order the plot with highest EVPPI values at the top.


A positive integer. If specified, for example as top=5 then only five parameters are included in the plot, those with the top five maximum EVPPI values by parameter.


Other arguments (currently unused).


A ggplot2 object.


These plotting functions are intended for quick interactive exploration of EVPPI results, so they deliberately have limited options for customising them.

For publication quality graphics, it is advised to use ggplot2 by hand on the data returned by evppi. Examine the code for plot_evppi_dots and plot_evppi_curves to see how these plots might be constructed.