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heemod is a package for constructing common forms of health economic decision models. The outputs from probabilistic analysis of these models can be imported using these functions, to allow Value of Information measures to be calculated for them using the voi package.


import_heemod_outputs(obj, k = NULL)




Object returned by the run_psa function in heemod, containing samples from probabilistic analysis of a decision model.


Vector of willingness-to-pay values. The default is inherited from the bcea function from the BCEA package.


import_heemod_outputs produces a list of model outputs in "cost-effectiveness analysis" format, that can be supplied as the outputs argument to evppi

and similar functions in the voi package. Both the heemod and BCEA packages need to be installed to use this.

import_heemod_inputs produces a data frame with samples of parameter values under uncertainty, that can be supplied as the inputs argument to evppi and similar functions in voi.