[distributing0]    Distributing OpenBUGS

To distribute OpenBUGS pick the "Copy OpenBUGS..." option from the developer menu. Type the name of the directory were you want to put OpenBUGS into the dialog box and click the button. All the compiled code, libraries, resource files and documentation needed for a fuctioning version of OpenBUGS will be copied (but not the BlackBox developement tools). The source code for OpenBUGS will also be copied plus the source code of some additional software development tools. Warning before using this distribution tool close all open windows (except the log window).

This tools will also translate the OpenBUGS documentation from the odc format into html if appropiate. Plain ascii text versions of the examples are also created for the run time distribution.

The OpenBUGS software uses several shortcuts / scripts, the directory paths in these files depend on where the OpenBUGS software is installed and might need editing.